Welcome to the Boye Family Jewels! We're a biracial family with 7 kids ages 10 and under and our life is pure chaos. But we are BEATING THE ODDS! We were encouraged NOT to date and ESPECIALLY not to marry, because interracial marriages are "more difficult" because of culture differences and backgrounds. Well, here we are 13 years later and thriving. I love roller coasters, fitness, buffets and tornadoes, and my goal is to empower and inspire other women to rediscover their own passions and desires in their motherhood journey (aka Mominators), while still keeping their family a priority. Alex is a singer/songwriter who has toured with groups like NSYNC & BACKSTREET BOYS and has been featured on America's Got Talent and has over 360 million views on YouTube! Check out his website! The Boye Family Jewels will give you an inside scoop of life with 7 little kids in a Utah home, and a backstage pass to some of Alex's concerts! BEAT THE ODDS!

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Let’s face it. Step aerobics is a dying art. It’s my favorite form of exercise and it’s hardly taught anymore. After teaching fitness classes for 15 years, I’ve brought my popular step class to you! You don’t even have to have a bench. Once you learn the basics, you can modify this workout to be easy, moderate or super intense!

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I was eating dinner on the floor of the bathroom, while two of my kids bathed, and another was latched on my boob and I felt discouraged, pathetic and meaningless. Was this all I was meant to be? I decided the only thing I could do in that moment was to change my way of thinking, and said to myself, "I'm still dominating." And then I thought, "NO! I am mom-inating!" I made myself laugh, accidentally squirted my baby in the face with breastmilk, got splashed on by my toddlers in the tub, and decided then and there that I was a FEARLESS MOMINATOR.  And if you're visiting this site, YOU ARE TOO! This site isn't just for moms, either. It's for all women who mother SOMEthing. Whether that be an animal, a plant, nieces and nephews, grandkids, or your own children, WE ARE MOMINATORS. We get it done day in and day out and there is no stopping us. We cook, clean, wipe bottoms, break up fights, drive, nurture, love, yell, cry, and hug. And sometimes we need a break from it all. We want to be called by our name. We want to have an identity other than mom. Which is why I created a party for all Mominators! Come join me for an epic GNO with food, dancing, and a whole lot more! Register now!

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